When you walking some way up cussing some day back home
and you get dressed up in the way that you always hate it's shown.
Yeah, but I'll be safe, I'll hide.
No wait my ride's flown.
And this time we're really gone.
I remember pacing stairs an armchair over there is key.
There was something I prepared, my yesterday hair cut free.
Thusly I propose I'm snaggled up froze in deep.
I dig deep for love.
She always turns the shades 'neath the pale of moon gradient fare
says "there's never any cover up and summer's just another nightmare."
If the window's knocking she knows now stopping for you.
Dig deep for love.
That's the phantoms throwing tantrums outside the local park for two.
There's a panzer shooting cancer with comets and they're spiked with truth.
There's a certain kind of measure weighed in pine tree feathers that looms.
There's a poltergeist leaking up the pipes but she's always looking out for you.
She's always looking out for you.


from Whoknowseph?, released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


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