Have You Met The Channel?

by Mama Would Be Proud

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recorded October '14- June '15 in Nashville TN*

its a story about a boy, his cat and a witch-ghost that slowly takes over his brain


released August 14, 2015

Christian Baraks played the bass, the drum set, drum machine, operated effects, placed microphones and designed the cover.
Stephen Roberts did the singing, played the guitars, a bit of bass and drums, the synthesizers and wrote the lyrics.

*(1)recorded at Game Galaxy
(2-4,6-11)recorded at The Cavern
(4-7)recorded at Neuhaus
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Mama Would Be Proud Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Arcade Choir
'We are one star'
Track Name: Furthamore
Me and the street lights humming something we wouldn't want to be heard and you know I really hurt
I wear it like a skirt and furthermore there was a reason
but they stamped it down with the herd
hello to the hive, relentless open eyes
pressing matters amongst the chatter-panic intensifies

Reminding all our minds that they like it when we smile

Waxing like a child
nature's his own style
and if she wants he's moving faster
crying all the while
look above the trees bouncing over these-
up and over, down the mountain:
you're what I'd like to see

I shouldn't have to prove what you better know by now

Winking all my vows just a sweetly sheering stout
that lost my presence, on the remnants of when you showed me how

Here and near and now

story_Miss Tiger introduces you to The Channel_
Track Name: St. Thomas
Wandering, no wonder it's hard to stand a summer
wandering, no wonder all too far to see the numbers laundering the others
children late for supper must have forgot their uppers
the cling and rediscover a trouble for your trouble

I had a place in mind

The Gospel of St. Thomas, passersby- a promise
I would not want to make your mom pissed
the "keep it ups" and "stop its"
so blessed be this desert
barren (bearing) fruitful efforts to recognize whatever
sobbing like I'm better
racing through November
hasty all together
Or the how, the now more than ever?
wishing on a sweater

I had a place in mind

story_And then she watches Thomas grow up_
Track Name: The Freaks Here Will Learn
They don't need the within you had been invoking
only here without's now barely unspoken
all laid out: the frayed south
You don't (have) the feet to withstand your own best emotions
it all comes first hand, your bedside's the ocean
I've played out my shaved mouth

(The visitor, Miss Tiger and Mister Big Biter)
Features return. the freaks here will learn
cheeked and unnerved express your concern

I got breached when the field became reoccurring
you were screeching at me in a faint little flurry
there's the sound, verbs and nouns
tired of all of it unfolding my minutes
counting up patience like I'm running a clinic
there's no foul, now take a bow

Defeat to return, express your concern
indecent and stern the freaks here will learn
(The visitor, Miss Tiger and Mister Big Biter)

story_Miss Tiger, an other-realmly apparition by nature, sort of infiltrates Thomas' thoughts by accident in a field and begins to feed him messages, teaching him about The Channel.
Track Name: Human-size Boxer
_Teaching Thomas to fight the proverbial "man"_
Track Name: Don't Show Them
Don't show them your scars, don't you let them in
Nobody can touch you
or tear it apart. Don't you let them win
No one is above you
Please visit the heart until it's finished
Talk about "we trust you"

But if you just go saying what you think I couldn't take it
My little world's fallen off its strings thats how I make it,
That's how we'll make it

Don't show them your scars, don't you let them in

Nobody can touch you

story_"Just be strong"_
Track Name: The Channel
The channel in his flannel sat with folded hands to handle
lights a candle on the mantle after practicing his mantra
like a panther with long antlers sad thoughts common as the cancers

And kick this there a wish list
writ with quickness, gleaming interest
in an instant theres a witness
twist the truth and his moral fitness

"Everyone gets to talk too much and get a bit reckless. feel a bit selfish

It was helpful to feel special, not forgetful, always respectful
It was helpful to feel special, not neglectful, always respectful
It was helpful to feel special, not regretful, always respectful
It was helpful to feel special, not forgetful, always respectful"

story_Thomas becomes The Channel_
Track Name: Stop Shining
Could you get that closer to the cloud?
When I rip at soldiers screaming loud
break fast, hold your heavy howl
and take last- scrape your every scowl

Tip tap- I taper to my pulse
taping my tip toes through the mulch
get back alley through the church
claw shafts columns to the perch

Decide the side not to interpret
spiral sirens like you winded up working
Are we hurting?

Took mine out lately for a stroll
the fish line really took a toll
but I look fine and I'm breathing like a troll
stop shining- treat me like your soul

story_ then- doldrum, spiritual silence, what happened out there today? _
Track Name: Our Wheel (First Take)
Our wheel not turning away, not learning to wait in silent escape.
I hate. I hate the real- not passing my time. It's wasting my mind. Too often aligned with something unkind.
We chalked up to the board.
My stumbling sort
look up to the floor and remember
you're born mister "I don't dream"
we were bored with your idle streak.
You were born mister "I don't dream"
and we were bored with your idle streak.
Ignored living in between,
enforced like the widened street.
Afraid of how I might seem...
No I don't feel so weak
I could kill with my two bare feet.
You were born mister "I don't dream"
No I don't feel so weak
Bored with your idle streak.
I could kill with my bare feet

story_Thomas, Miss Tiger and his cat Mr. Big Biter make a deal to always be a team_
Track Name: The Hermit (In Real Life)
story_Thomas flees country-side, mountain side, river side, looking for answers and discovers a desert within himself_

There's a message on a fountain,
"see the statue in the garden?"
There's a lady in the parlor smoking cigarettes, humming
at her darling humming bird, she pretends it's speaking words
"with its flapping so damn tactful!" we swore it was reacting

To our bitter fleeting motion (there's three words)
how we danced out in the open (we spoke too slowly)
but as night began to settle (walking backwards)
into days I got forgetful (into holy)
And I manage nothing honey (mountain, river)
yeah, my feeling are that funny (to deliver)
sometimes friends attempt to show me (hark! thee Mister)
still gets lonelier than lonely (breathe in quicker)

These days I wouldn't tell a secret to the dog that lives next door
(there's three words we spoke too slowly)
I got every mixed emotion except the ones that give me more
(walking backward into holy)
of that attachment and I'm bat shit-
(mountain, river)
could be crazier than that chick
(to deliver)
in the sky I'm seeing why I'll be alone until I die
(hark! thee Mister, breathe in quicker)
join the leader and the rabbits, regardless of the Mad Libs
(and I remember and I miss her)
fill the blank and pay the tab kid- this body thing were trapped in

It's a shell and I'm the hermit, squirming at the skirmish
(there's three words we spoke too slowly)
give me air, or your hair, or just tell me you're not hurting
(walking backward into holy)
every night's another story, feels embedded in that glory
(mountain, river to deliver)
and you know crying on your pillow's a lot like pissing on a willow
(hark! thee Mister, breathe in quicker)

And I know it's just a long verse and I'm always kind of nervous
and it's not because they're staring , or if they're not, or just not caring
I'm a aware of certain truth: there could be no certain truths
so the anxious knows it better than the ones that think they do
Track Name: No Bothers
Alone talkers
those reflective revolvers
And no bothers
proof's more like water: you look at the shape

You look at the shape

I won't like that,
opposites still intact
Lose my track
and have a fit on your lap
No you don't have to say
You don't have to say, "hey"

story_an amendment_