Entitled EP

by Mama Would Be Proud

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Christian Baraks played the bass, the drums, and the Synsonics drum machine and manipulated effects pedals. He is responsible for the voices on "Our Wheel". He also put together the artwork, and bobbed his head.
Stephen Roberts did the singing, played guitars; is responsible for the voices on "Pay Attention...", this paragraph, and the synthesizers. He also snapped his fingers.

thanks, with love


released April 20, 2015



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Mama Would Be Proud Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Our Wheel
Our wheel not turning away, not learning to wait in silent escape.
I hate. I hate the real- not passing my time. It's wasting my mind. Too often aligned with something unkind.
We chalked up to the board.
My stumbling sort
look up to the floor and remember
you're born mister "I don't dream"
we were bored with your idle streak.
You were born mister "I don't dream"
and we were bored with your idle streak.
Ignored living in between,
enforced like the widened street.
Afraid of how I might seem...
No I don't feel so weak
I could kill with my two bare feet.
You were born mister "I don't dream"
No I don't feel so weak
Bored with your idle streak.
I could kill with my bare feet
Track Name: No Images, Just Violence
Teach the singer to sing quiet
look prettier than pious
fiddling with the stylus
trying not to be reminded.
And the words focus into violence.
No images, just violence.
Hearing lots of sirens
so I'm trying to feel revived
and I'm not asking I'm still basking in the hope.
I don't plan on figuring out
The shit I dream about
Way too long, way too loud
Too much blood coming out my mouth.
If you promise to play nice
and always trap the mice.
Feel that cold as ice?
Rolling like the price
piss to fix your sight
straight so wound up tight
bags around your thighs
still, looking like a prize
Well there's passive
Then there's passively awake.
Don't intend to rip apart
But we did and it's not hard.
Yeah it always leaves a mark
in your light and in your heart.
Track Name: You Earned It!
You earned it- sitting on the furnace.
The truth hurts it. Make another purchase
Merchants in service. Impertinence.
Sitting on the curb again.

I lift my eyes and try to smile.
I've hit my dark limit.
Cold denial
That's a lie.
I'm breathing like the wild
SO what is fine?
Visit your local asylums.

I've split my room solid in two. placing tight rules, shipping my fools out a window. oo the wind though.... fly but so low- shape the high road.....
Track Name: Pay Attention, This Is My Shrine
What will it take to make me pay attention?
Seems all I ever show are my worst intentions.
Departing world needs a new invention
Embarking with the twirl of your new direction

Nest outside makes time fly. shapes wayside, breaks daylight.
It's all I ever wanted too.
No I might, there's no daytime.
This my shrine.
Hang the bow line.
It's all I ever wanted to, it's all you ever wanted to.
and all you ever wanted too.
No I might, there's no daytime.
This nest outside makes my time fly.
There's no daytime
This is my shrine
Hang from the bow line with all you ever wanted to
With all you ever wanted too
Because I want it too
Because I wanted to sit in front of you
get sick in front of you
to sit in front of you
get sick in front of...